A-level results: Batley Girls’ High School

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The following are the A-level results for Batley Girls’ High School:

F Abed, dhs; S Abid, rs, soc, u(A); A Afzal, a(A), bi, psy; N Ahmed, hs, ls, epq; H Ajaz, hs, ph, rs; I Akbar, eng(A), hs, ph(A); F Akhtar, dhs, rs; N Akhtar, eng, hs, rs; S Akhtar, hs; A Ali eng, rs, u(A*); Anum Ali, a(A), apld ict, u(A*); L Ali, hs, tt; Samina Ali, hs, it, med; S Ali, psy; Z Ali ad, rs, epq; K Azram, hs, it, rs; S Badat, hs, ls; S Bashir, psy, ph, tt(A), epq; F Basser, eng, rs, soc; A Batool, med, soc; N Bhaiji, a(A), eng, hs; S Bi, dhs, it; H Dadhiwala, bi, eng; Z Fiaz, bi, cy, eng, u (A); S Foggin, eng, pf, soc, epq; S Fulat, rs, tt; J Gibbons, dhs; Z Gora, dhs; R Gowler, eng, med, ph(A*); L Grant, eng, eng lit, hs; S Hafiji, eng, eng lit, rs; A Hussain, a(A), med, soc; F Hussain, a, tt; K Hussain, bs(A), eng, psy, epq(A); M Hussain, hs, rs, u; R Hussain, eng, u; Z Hussain, eng, hs, soc; S Javed, ad(A), ls, soc; K Jervis, a(A), eng lit; N Kausar, hs, psy, u(A); M Khalil, it, rs, epq(A); F Khaliq, rs, u(A*); F Khan, hs, it, u(A*); A Koser, hs, u; F Laher, bs, cy, m; E Lawley, ad(A*), a(A), ph(A*); K Mahmood, a, tt; A Mamaniat, tt; I Maria, a, it; A Mulla, eng; S Mulla, ad(A), eng lit, m; R Munir, a, ad; Z Nadat, bi, it, m; R Nadeem, hs, rs, u(A*); A Nauman, bi, psy, rs; F Naveed, hs, ph, rs; S Nisar, it, rs; S O’Brien, eng lit, psy, epq(A); L O’Donnell, soc, med; S Omar, hs, rs; A Owens, ls, pe, ph; A Patel, eng lit, rs, soc; R Patel, eng, rs, u(A); Sara Patel, ad, soc; S Patel, ad, eng, eng lit; S Rafiq, a, ad, hs; T Rawat, ad, hs; S Raza, a, hs, tt; N Raziq, it; S Sajid, bi, eng, ls; S Sakharker, a(A), eng lit, rs; A Shaikh, bs, eng; N Sirat, hs, rs, u(A); M Tai, hs, tt(A), u(A); Z Tai, eng, hs, soc; A Tariq, hs, tt, u; S Valli, eng, hs; F Wharmby, a, ad(A); E Wickham, eng, hs, ls; M Zafar, eng, psy, rs, epq(A*); Z Zaheer, ad(A*), eng lit, rs, epq.