Get off my bus - I'm sick of single mums

A BUS driver told two women with small children he was 'sick of single mothers' – and then trapped their pushchair in the doors.

Catherine Mellor, 37, and her sister in law Paula Bentley, 24, tried to get on the Arriva service with Paula's eight-week old baby and one-year-old twins from the White Rose Centre, Leeds, back to Mirfield, on April 4 – but the driver wouldn't let them.

Catherine said: "I went first with the double buggy and the bus driver said we couldn't get on with two buggies. He said, 'I'm sick of f***ing single mothers, you are all the same. Get off my bus'. I said I wasn't getting off and at he closed the door on the double buggy. Luckily, the children weren't hurt."

Paula said: "We ended up having to go to buy nappies, baby milk, extra food and a change of clothes for the children, and people had to come out of their way to pick us up. We finally got home two hours later."

Catherine said: "I asked for compensation because people had been left out of pocket – but I was told that was not Arriva policy, and as far as they were concerned that was the end of it.

"They said they couldn't find the CCTV footage and they didn't even offer us a refund for the ticket.

"They are not very caring about their customers."

This is the third time in six months Arriva has been accused of discriminating against Mirfield and Dewsbury customers.

In December, Dewsbury goths Tasha Maltby and boyfriend Dani Graves tried to get on a bus from the town centre to Thornhill but the driver told them 'we don't let freaks and dogs like you on'.

And in April, an Arriva driver told Jackie and Louise King, of Mirfield, they could not get on the bus with Louise's one-year-old daughter, who is mixed race, saying, 'I'm not taking you with your Paki baby'.

Paul Adcock, operations director for Arriva Yorkshire, said: "Miss Mellor contacted us directly regarding this incident and when we learnt of the claims we invited her to meet with us.

"We discussed the issues in person and took a statement. We assured her that we would interview the driver concerned.

"This matter has now been dealt with.

"Suitable vehicles can only carry a maximum of two buggies but passengers can always fold down their buggy in order to travel.

"Arriva has a diverse workforce which reflects our wide customer base and we take these allegations extremely seriously.

"We want all passengers to feel welcome and comfortable while using our services."