I’d rather be in Mirfield

I WRITE regarding the Reporter comment from December 16.

While agreeing with the comments that there should be no ‘no go’ areas in Dewsbury, one only has to look at two examples in the same edition, page three (Man admits to killing Jack) and page 11 (Man injured in street attack), both occurred in Savile Town as did numerous others, some of which did not appear in the Reporter.

Local press continues to sidestep issues that are not politically correct. Why can’t the public hear a two-sided approach to reporting, a truthful approach, so that innocent people can decide whether or not to walk around Savile Town etc in safety. I for one would rather walk around Mirfield on an evening than Savile Town. The fact that this letter will not be printed proves my point.


Hopton Drive


Editor’s note: Although Jack Carter lived in Savile Town he was, in fact, attacked in Thornhill Lees – as our article stated.

Crimes do not go unreported by the Reporter, provided the paper knows about them. Police have no duty to tell a newspaper of every incident but do usually inform us if they are appealing for witnesses.

Sometimes details of an incident cannot legally be reported before a trial without risking being in contempt of court.

If readers know of a crime, an incident or any story they think we should report, we’d like to hear from you so please get in touch.