Batley boy mauled by dog in savage attack

Yusuf Mayet was attacked by a dog, with dad Akil and brothers Umar and Aamir (d522h430).

Yusuf Mayet was attacked by a dog, with dad Akil and brothers Umar and Aamir (d522h430).

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An 11-year-old boy has been left scarred for life after a dog tore a chunk from his arm in a savage attack.

Yusuf Mayet needed two reconstructive surgeries to repair the gaping wound caused by a Japanese Akita.

He was attacked in Jessop Park in Batley on Wednesday July 23, while playing with his eight-year-old brother Umar and cousin Muhammad, 11.

The dog, which belonged to a neighbour, lunged for Yusuf and dragged him to the ground, before sinking its teeth into his arm.

Neighbours heard Yusuf screaming and rushed to his aid. They beat the dog off with a stick and called the police.

Dad Akil Mayet said: “It was an unprovoked attack.

“The dog went for his neck but he put up his arms to cover his head and it bit him. It could have killed him.”

Yusuf was rushed to Pinderfields Hospital for treatment and he was released on Saturday.

Mr Mayet said: “He is doing well but obviously he is traumatised by the whole thing. It will scar him for life.

“We cannot thank the neighbours enough who saved him.”

PC Louise Hurst from Batley NPT said: “The dog was not a dangerous breed and had been well secured and muzzled by his owner on his own property.

“This was a freak accident where the animal managed to get out and has sadly bitten the child. The animal was retrieved by its owner who has had it destroyed.”

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