Puppy Bella given a second chance after life-saving heart surgery

Vet Joachim Proot from Dewsbury's Calder Vets with Bella.

Vet Joachim Proot from Dewsbury's Calder Vets with Bella.


A puppy was given a second chance at life after Dewsbury vets performed complex heart surgery.

Bella the Yorkshire Terrier was born with a heart defect and at 10 months old was found to have a serious heart murmur.

Her local vets in Hull referred her to Calder Vets’ animal hospital on Savile Road, Savile Town, where the life-saving operation was performed.

The successful operation means Bella can now lead a full, happy and normal life with her family – Laura Mullett and her partner Adam Nicholson, Laura’s daughters Chloe, age 16, and Leah, 11 and Adam’s children Lewis, 15, and Briony age 16.

Mrs Mullett said: “We can’t thank Calder Vets enough for all they did for Bella, she is doing so well. You would not believe she had ever had anything wrong with her, in fact I sometimes wonder if they replaced her heart with that of a Great Dane!”

A scan confirmed Bella had the heart condition Patent Ductus Arteriosis (PDA).

Calder Vets’ Cardiologist Antonio Moneva-Jordan said: “The condition was causing a massive strain on Bella’s heart and it was getting worse every day. If left untreated it would have led to chronic heart failure.”

Surgeon Joachim Proot, performed the two hour long, delicate operation assisted by a team of highly skilled vets and veterinary nurses.

He said: “Without this surgery I’m afraid Bella would have suffered chronic heart failure and eventually died. We’re all thrilled with the progress she has made. She now has a full and happy life ahead of her with her family.”

Calder Vets also has practices nearby in Mirfield, Heckmondwike and Tingley.




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