Taxis targeted in spate of break-ins in Ravensthorpe, Mirfield and Heckmondwike

Taxi drivers have been warned against leaving cash in their cars
Taxi drivers have been warned against leaving cash in their cars
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Taxi drivers are being warned to ‘lock it or lose it’ after ten private hire cars were broken into in one night.

Just loose change was taken from taxis parked in Ravensthorpe, Mirfield and Heckmondwike overnight on Friday January 31 and Saturday February 1, but police have warned that the cost of the crimes is much higher.

They were out in force on the targeted streets around North Road, Ravensthorpe, on Wednesday.

Cars were broken into on Broomer Street, Northstead, Clarkson Street and The Crescent.

In total, 53 motorists, mainly taxis, were stopped in Ravensthorpe and given crime prevention advice.

Det Sgt Des Sawdon said: “The connecting link to them all has been a smashed window to get at loose change. It may only be a few pounds taken from each car, but the loss of property is often far outweighed by the cost of repair and inconvenience.

“For the sake of a few pence left on a dashboard, we’d ask everyone to empty their cars.”

DS Sawdon also advised removing parcel shelves if there’s nothing in your boot to deter thieves.

He added: “People are getting the message about removing their sat navs so not to attract attention, but it seems in this case that taxis have been targeted because of the believe that petty cash or takings are left in the car.

“If your boot is empty, show people. Make it clear there’s nothing in your vehicle.”