Yobs wreck greenhouse

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STAFF and children are sickened after vandals wrecked a much-prized greenhouse at a school.

Last weekend, yobs pelted the greenhouse with large stones - smashing seven panes of glass and ruining children’s crops of fruit and vegetables.

The frame has also been damaged and if this can’t be repaired, a whole new greenhouse will be needed – pushing up the cost of getting the school’s popular gardening club back on track.

The damage was discovered by learning mentor Mike Underhill, at Ravensthorpe Junior School, Myrtle Road.

He said: “They didn’t even steal anything. It is just mindless. The children are sickened and upset. They have taken it personally.”

The greenhouse was one of two used by the gardening club to grow fruit, vegetables and flowers. Club members, who volunteer their time, found several large stones strewn around it and glass sprayed all over the plants inside.

A crop of onions to be used for chutney to sell as a school fund-raiser is now useless due to the risk of glass fragments.

“I am gutted,” said Mr Underhill. “The kids plant it, grow it and eat it. It’s a whole new experience for many of them. They even make hanging baskets to brighten up the grounds.

“We try to instil a sense of pride for their school and then they see something like this.”

The 40-strong club is now on hold until the damage is sorted out. Even without a new greenhouse, Mr Underhill reckons the repair bill will top £1,500.

“If a new greenhouse is needed, we are looking at well over £3,000,” he said.

It is thought the damage was done from outside the grounds, with stones thrown from behind a high fence or wall.

Bradley Sharp, 10, is a member of the club. He said: “They have wrecked it and all the onions and vegetables. I feel sad. Whoever did this is not nice.”

Iskandar Aziz, also 10, said: “I felt really sad when I saw the state of the greenhouse. I like being in the gardening club. It means so much to me. Those who did this did it for fun, but it’s not fun.”

Contact police on 01924 431033.