Punk poet Sean set to showcase debut album in Leeds

After nods of approval from the likes of Billy Bragg and Frank Turner ascending punk poet Sean McGowan is making headway following the release of his debut album this week.

Saturday, 19th May 2018, 10:00 am
Sean McGowan, gig in Leeds.
Sean McGowan, gig in Leeds.

‘Son of The Smith’ - 13 songs of punk-poetry and protest songwriting – has been produced by Get Cape Wear Cape Fly and identifies another talent to emerge.

McGowan is smashing it live too with a number of high profile support slots and he is now being joined by a full live band as he performs tracks from the album on a headlining tour that brings him to Leeds at Santiagos on Friday, June 1.

First single taken from the album is ‘Off the Rails’, which you can check out here.

It sears along with an e-bow guitar drone thrumming underneath while Sean gives the lyrical equivalent of an arm around the shoulder and kiss on the cheek of his mates for being there for him.

As a glimpse into ‘Son of the Smith’, it captures his band absolutely ploughing through the parts he wrote for them.

In that spirit, ‘Son of the Smith’ captures everything live. Recorded at SS2 Studios in Southend with labelmate Sam Duckworth (AKA Get Cape. Wear Cape. Fly.) and Jay Malhotra, drums were done without a click-track, each instrument colliding with the rhythm.

“It feels urgent, like it could tip over the edge at any point,” Sean says.

Over 13 tracks, ‘Son of the Smith’ is disarming in its scope, surprising in its erudite tackling of life’s challenges, and strong of voice with just a dab of laddish humour – the aural personification of Sean himself. McGowan could end up soundtracking our social conscience well into next year.