Birstall Shopping Park pays tribute to town's famous son with new logo

Birstall Shopping Park.
Birstall Shopping Park.

Birstall shopping park has unveiled a new logo that was voted for by shoppers - and it’s a breath of fresh air

Community, history and local pride was behind the winning design which is inspired by Birstall born scientist Joseph Priestly who discovered oxygen in its gaseous state.

The new logo includes nods to Joseph Priestley and the Yorkshire rose.

The new logo includes nods to Joseph Priestley and the Yorkshire rose.

The popular shopping destination gave customers the opportunity to vote for their favourite of three brand marks, which they’ll see across the park’s signage, website and social media.

The winning logo, chosen by 46 per cent of voters, combines dots representing oxygen as a gas and the Yorkshire Rose in a striking design.

Joseph Priestly was born in Birstall in 1733 and is most famously credited with the discovery of oxygen, having isolated it in its gaseous state.

He was also a natural philosopher, chemist, innovative grammarian and liberal political theorist who published over 150 works.

“The people of West Yorkshire have shown their pride for the region by choosing the logo which celebrates Birstall’s local history,” said Birstall Shopping Park Facilities Manager, Simon Burgin.

“The Yorkshire White Rose is a well-known emblem that we are thrilled to display across the park and online. The story behind the design shows just how proud our shoppers are of the history of the area.

“We value all feedback from our shoppers and we are pleased that voters had the opportunity to contribute towards the look and feel of Birstall Shopping Park now and in the future."