The Wright side of life: Buzzing on a campsite in Kent...

Karen on a Caravan and Motorhome Club site in Kent
Karen on a Caravan and Motorhome Club site in Kent

Karen writes: I am sitting just now in a very pleasant campsite in Kent and all around me folks are sitting in the evening sun with a glass in one hand and a burger in the other.

Not me, no time, I have been well and truly buzzed! Do we all know that phrase? It harks back to the early mining days when there was a communal buzzer in the streets that went off when it was time to get up for the day shift, if you were late, you had been buzzed!

It’s been bonkers, we arrived at the campsite on Wednesday to find a mix-up with the dates and no caravan. We had to find some digs until our caravan arrived the next day. We are staying on a Caravan and Motorhome Club site and as per usual, it is fab! I have been using the caravan and the site as a base to prepare for my baking demonstrations at the Taste of Kent Food Festival.

It was a blast from the past when I reunited with a friend from Pontefract that I last saw 40 years ago. We used to go around in a big group from pub to pub in Pontefract. Back then I was the only one in the group with my own house, so it was a bit party central at times.

Tomorrow we are having a quick trip to France, it would be rude not to with us being so close to the crossing. We want to fill up our wine cellar, well to be accurate our wine loft!

After France we are hooking up the caravan and heading up towards Norfolk. I only ever visited this area as a child when we did the Norfolk Broads, so I am keen to get back and see it with adult eyes. Really, I am ready to just have no pressing agenda and to take a walk along the sands and have a bag of chips, sometimes the simple things are exactly what you need.

Once I get home next week I need to reset and work out what happens next, I have quite a few local things in Wakefield in my diary to kick-off with but also a couple of trips to London too. I promise come November to do some recipes on here and talk about comfy and easy bakes and food to get us through the dark days of winter, but then, we have the X word, Xmas is coming, we need to make our Christmas cakes!

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