£1m mansion to escape bulldozers

A controversial £1m Mirfield mansion is to remain standing after Kirklees call for it to be knocked down was overturned by the planing inspector.

People living near to the Huddersfield Road house turned out in force to the planning inquiry held last month to look into whether the nine-bedroom mansion should be pulled down and have waited expectantly for the inspectors conclusions.

But government inspector David Rusdale has decided to allow Azam Yaqoob's appeal against Kirklees enforcement notice calling on the Mr Sparkles carwash owner to tear down his red brick house.

He has also granted full planning permission for the building.

Mr Yaqoob said he was 'feeling great' that his house could stay put.

He said: "It's a nice feeling. It's like I've always felt from day one but I am glad this is all over."

Mr Rusdale's report states the development does not materially harm "the character and appearance of the area" or "nearby residents in terms of their privacy and outlook."

It also says that while carrying out a development without planning permission should not be condoned, this was not a valid reason to withhold permission.

The only alterations Mr Rusdale requires are the blocking up of two first floor windows and a lowering of the gate posts.

The report brings to a close a planning row which has raged for more than three years.


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