All whine, no dine for Mirfield mums on hit TV show Come Dine With Me

TWO Mirfield mums' culinary skills were put to the test when they appeared on hit TV show Come Dine With Me.

Diana Swales-Pickering, 48, and Caroline Blackburn, 32, were on an episode of the Channel 4 show last week.

Diana, who lives in Sunways, had never met health worker Caroline, of Hill Top Crescent, Upper Hopton , but the pair hit it off and still meet up, a year after the programme was filmed.

The show features five people who take turns to host a dinner party over a week. Each contestant marks the nights hosted by the other four with the winner picking up 1,000.

Diana, who lives with husband Carl, 42, and son Liam, 13, said: "It's not having a nice evening meal, like you think. They won't let you do anything until the cameras are there. You are out from 6pm to at least 2am every night.

"On TV they only show the quirky bits that are watchable. They want to make it look like you're at each other's throats, but we had a right laugh.

"When I saw the show on TV I was laughing my head off and everybody at work was laughing."

Caroline, who lives with partner Peter, 42, and daughter Megan, nine, said: "I came last, but it's not about the food it's about the whole night and I think I was scored on the food. I didn't think I should have won, but I think for entertainment I shouldn't have come last, but it was brilliant!"

Diana, a senior sister at St James's Hospital in Leeds, said: "We all keep in touch and we've all met up four or five times since the show was filmed."

To watch the show, click here.