Arsonist dragged kicking and screaming from court after telling judge “I’ll spit in your face”

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A man who tried to torch a woman’s house had to be dragged kicking and screaming from court by six security guards.

Jack Rowley, 18, unleashed a tirade of foul-mouthed abuse at Judge Sally Cahill after she refused to sentence him for his crime at Leeds Crown Court today (Friday).

Rowley, of no fixed address, set fire to the front door of a woman’s house in Cemetery Road in Heckmondwike, last month, causing £150 damage.

The court heard that Rowley had so far not cooperated with attempts to carry out a psychiatric report on him.

But Judge Cahill insisted that she wanted to see a report into Rowley’s state of mind before sentencing.

Rowley demanded to be sentenced today as he would not cooperate with any attempt to assess his mental health.

“Just sentence me now,” he said. “You’re all just wasting you’re time because I’m not gonna do it.”

He became increasingly verbally abusive, shouting and swearing over the top of the judge, before yelling “I’ll spit in your face.”

A security guard tried to take him down to the cells, but Rowley grabbed hold of a metal bar.

Reinforcements were called and around six guards were needed to bundle him down the stairs.

He is due back in court in September.