Barber shop duo step out

Lisa Fishwich and Faye Parkinson @twelve. (d18051101)
Lisa Fishwich and Faye Parkinson @twelve. (d18051101)
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TWO barbers with more than 35 years’ experience between them have become their own bosses for the first time.

Lisa Fishwick and Faye Parkinson had always worked in other people’s barbers shops, hiring chairs for the day.

But now the pair have taken the next step in their careers by opening their own shop, @twelve, in Town Street, Earlsheaton.

Mrs Fishwick said: “I worked in Ossett for about 16 years.

“I left to have a baby and when I came back Faye was there so we shared my jobs.”

And after six years working together, the friends decided it was time to strike out on their own.

“We decided we wanted to do a little bit more,” said Mrs Fishwick.

“If you’re self-employed and working in somebody else’s shop, it’s all how they want it to be. We wanted to be in a modern working environment and be able to offer things like hair tattoos and colouring.

“We’re testing the water at the moment really to find out what our clients here like.”

In their first month at @twelve, the ladies have already begun to attract new clients.

Mrs Fishwick, 44, said: “The first week we couldn’t believe how many customers we had.

“Everyone we’ve spoken to either went into Ossett, Dewsbury or Batley.”

The duo hopes to welcome old customers from Ossett, while building up a strong client base in Dewsbury over the next 12 months.

“We’re a professional barbers where we take a bit more care and attention in a nice enviroment without it costing an arm and a leg,” said Mrs Fishwick.

“It’s always a compliment when somebody walks through the door that you know because you know they’ve come to find you.

“We’re in such a built-up area that we hope all the surrounding houses and people from outside Earlsheaton will use us too.”