Birstall studio is looming large

Grant Henderson of Loom Studios in Birstall. (D521C432)
Grant Henderson of Loom Studios in Birstall. (D521C432)

What do you get when you cross and Carr Mills Business Centre?

The answer is Loom Studios in Bradford Road, whose owner Grant Henderson has begun to make waves in the music world.

Grant has teamed up with local songwriter Dave Tennant, whose latest song, Soldiers, is gathering interest from a number of artists wanting to come to Loom and record the song.

Although Grant is refusing to let too much slip, he said the next big name to grace the studio may be an artist connected to US pop star

“All the recent attention has really put us on the map,” Grant said. “And it is fantastic that this is all coming together.

“I started the studio during difficult financial climate, and there were moments that I thought of jacking it in.

“I had no help from banks, and we got in and, through grit and determination, the passion for music saw me through.”

After working as a house DJ in Bradford in the early 1990s, he set up his own recording studio, Ivolv, in Bradford.

“I have always been interested in music,” he said. “As well as DJing, I also toured as a funk drummer, so I knew the industry.

“I was in that ‘club’ community and knew a lot of people that made music. Some of my friends were in bands, they recorded with me and word got around.

“Before long I had about 50-60 clients, and I realised I could afford to quit my day job.”

Grant soon realised the facilities at Ivolv could no longer had the space to meet his needs, and so he moved his operation to Carr Mills Business Centre in Birstall back in 2010.

Since then he has had a slew of big names record and work in his studio, including chart-topper Jahmene Douglas, top producer Graham Stack and up-and-comers The Dunwells.

“These people recorded here because they felt it was the best venue in the area,” said Roberttown native Grant. “But it is always nice to be selected – they wanted us to do it as they felt the equipment we had was right for them.”

As for what the future holds for Loom Studios, Grant said he wants to aim for the very top.

He said: “I am now not too many stops away from being where I want to be.

“But this is for Dave as well – Soldiers is an amazing song and it could be massive for both of us.”