Bleach swap man jailed

A FORMER supervisor at the Mill has been jailed for swapping his ex-girlfriend’s mouthwash for bleach during a break-in at her home.

Christopher Marsden, 28, who worked at the Bradford Road shopping complex, entered Amy Burgess’ home in Wyke, using a set of stepladders while she was out with friends in August last year.

When she returned the next morning she almost drank from the bottle before she realised that it was not actually mouthwash.

Marsden was arrested on August 24, three days after the break-in.

Judge Peter Benson told Bradford Crown Court the substance could have caused serious injury or even death.

Last month Marsden, of Albert Road, Portsmouth, who used to live in Brentford Road, Low Moor, admitted attempting to cause a poison to be taken with intent to injure, aggrieve or annoy.

But he said he thought it would be obvious the mouthwash had been switched as the bleach was a different colour.

He had earlier admitted the related offences of burglary and criminal damage.

As well as jailing Marsden for a year, Judge Benson also made him the subject of an indefinite restraining order which bans him from contacting Miss Burgess or entering the street where she lives.

Solicitor Michael Reeves, mitigating for Marsden, said his client had difficulties when his long-term relationship broke down.