Boy's surprise tour after his Huddersfield Town FC shirt had to cut for hospital treatment

Mason receiving his new shirt.
Mason receiving his new shirt.

A boy who had to be cut out of his Huddersfield Town FC shirt so that he could be treated after a car crash received a tour of the club's training ground - and was handed a new jersey.

Ten-year-old Mason Faulkner spent the morning with former player and club ambassador Andy Booth.

Cleckheaton white watch and Technical Rescue Crews arranged the visit after the fan was left distraught when his football shirt had to be cut off following a car crash.

Mason mum, Claire said: “It was such a lovely gesture from the firefighters and the club to arrange. I had a tough time keeping it a surprise for the boys but we had an absolutely amazing morning. We won’t stop smiling for weeks."

On February 19, Mason along with his younger brother Elliott, Claire and family friend Jonathan were involved in a serious collision along Manchester Road in Huddersfield.

The two boys managed to escape out the back of the vehicle and were looked after by a resident in a neighbouring house before fire and ambulance crews arrived.

Meanwhile, the two adults had to be cut out of the wreckage.

Both boys suffered chest and abdominal injuries as a result of the crash.

Mason was wearing his new Huddersfield Town FC shirt at the time and told firefighters he did not want it damaging.

However, once he reached hospital, staff had to cut it away to treat his injuries – leaving the young fan devastated.

When crews learnt that Mason’s shirt had been cut away at hospital they wanted to do something special for him and the family and so contacted Mr Booth.

Watch Commander Darren Haley said: “Incidents of this nature can be a very stressful experience for all involved. While crews were treating Mason and Elliott for their injuries it was evident how much they loved football and treasured their football shirts.

“When we heard that Mason had his Town shirt cut away at hospital we wanted to try and arrange something for the family to look forward to.

“We made contact with club ambassador, Andy Booth and were delighted when the club offered to invite the family down to spend the morning with Andy and tour the facilities.”