Brave Bailey fights back

A schoolgirl who has had to fight cancer and a brain tumour is celebrating a major milestone in her journey.

Bailey Coppack, 13, had to have 30 days of radiotherapy after the tumour spread to her spine. But now that treatment is complete, her family is hopeful that she will soon be able to have a normal life.

Bailey’s proud mum, Lisa, said: “We still don’t know what the outcome will be but we will cross that bridge when we come to it.

“We will just try and live a normal life and stay as positive as we can.”

Bailey, who goes to Castle Hall Academy, was found to have a benign brain tumour when she suddenly collapsed.

Last year, her family raised thousands of pounds so she could have specialist treatment in America to try and shrink it.

Shortly after she returned from Oklahoma, Bailey was diagnosed with leukaemia, which is now in remission after chemotherapy.

But she was dealt another blow when doctors found that her tumour had spread to her spine and she would have to have radiotherapy.

That gave her a sore throat and sickness, but now that it is complete, hopes are high that the end of her treatment isn’t far away.

“She has to go for regular blood tests, but that’s the only thing she has to go and do now,” Ms Coppack said.

“She has her medicine to take but the dosage is coming down, so hopefully it will go down to nothing.

“It’s just nice to get back to some normality.”

Bailey’s stepdad Graham Ellis, 12-year-old sister Ellie and three-year-old brother Jamie have also been backing her throughout her illnesses.

The 13-year-old, of Overhall Road, Mirfield, is now looking forward to going back to school and enjoying trips out-of-town with charities Candlelighters and the Make-A-Wish Foundation.

“Bailey has had to grow up very quickly but she has always been very sensible,” Ms Coppack said. “She has done remarkably well and just stayed positive throughout.

“When she looks at what her friends are posting on Facebook, she’ll say, ‘I don’t know what they’re moaning about. They can’t go out? I wish that was all I had to moan about!’”