‘Brilliant’ Zoe features in new book

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A teenage girl from Mirfield with a rare bleeding disorder has featured in a new book about her condition.

Zoe McGough, 14, has appeared in the new book, Buddies, in which she and her parents are interviewed about their experiences of her condition.

Zoe suffers from factor VII deficiency, which means her blood cannot clot if she begins to bleed. She also has to take daily injections for the condition.

The book features nine accounts of people with bleeding disorders, including haemophilia, featuring words from family members about their experiences.

Mum Debra McGough said: “We know what a shock it can be finding out your child has an incurable condition, and any information you can get from people who have been through it is a real help.

“We have had great support and we wanted to share our positive story to help other families who are at the start of their journey with the condition.”

Debra added Mirfield Free Grammar pupil Zoe is forthcoming telling people about her condition .

“Zoe is brilliant,” she said. “She will always talk to people about her condition.

“She enjoys the same things people without the condition do – she is very outgoing and loves to dance.”

Zoe appeared in the Mirfield Reporter in 2012 after her and friend Tasha Hewitt received a special award.

Tasha won the friend category, for the support she gave to Zoe, at the 2012 Buddy awards. The awards were organised by the Haemophilia Society, and took place at a glitzy ceremony in London, with the two presented with the award by children’s entertainers Dick and Dom.

The book, which was produced in association with pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk, has been distributed to haemophilia centres around the UK and is available on request.