Burlgary-hit Graham told to tear down security fence – because it’s a safety risk

Graham Jaggar.
Graham Jaggar.

An electrician who spent £10,000 on a security fence after he was burgled 10 times in two months is furious after the council ordered him to take it down.

Self-employed Graham Jaggar, 51, nearly went out of business and moved out of his home in Syke Lane after repeated burglaries, which he says cost him £30,000. So he put up a 6ft fence – and it seemed to work, as he has not been burgled since.

But now, 12 months later, a neighbour has complained the fence causes a blind spot. Kirklees Council agree, and say Mr Jaggar must move the fence 3ft back or take it down.

Grandfather Mr Jaggar said: “I can’t take it down – I’ve been burgled so many times the insurance won’t even pay out anymore.

“It’s ridiculous and a scandal, why can’t anyone use some common sense?”

Moving the fence back will cost Mr Jaggar £3,000.

The 51-year-old said: “It’s an absolute scandal. I’ve only just finished paying off the debt from putting it up.

“Kirklees should be footing the bill for this.”

Mr Jaggar said he got verbal permission for the fence from a council officer who has since left, but Kirklees said they had no record of it.

A spokeswoman added: “Anyone contacting this department would have been advised that a fence or wall next to an adopted highway requires planning permission if it is going to be taller than one metre.

“A site visit was carried out following complaints about the fence blocking visibility for drivers exiting the adjacent junction. The fence was found to prevent the visibility of oncoming vehicles from the right of the junction.

“Mr Jaggar has been advised that he could apply for planning permission in retrospect but, given the road safety concerns, the council was unlikely to support its installation.”