Diversity is good for Batley

Batley Business Association chairman Andrew Marsden. (d622b426)
Batley Business Association chairman Andrew Marsden. (d622b426)

At the very real risk of raising a collective groan, I am going to mention the World Cup.

Feel free to insert your England football team joke at this point!

Yes, it is disappointing that England are out at an early stage and that does remove a certain something from following the event.

But if you look a little closer you soon realise that there is a wealth of fantastic football still to come.

Not to mention the spectacle that is the event as a whole. It is not just the football. It is the diversity of the nations involved, both the players and the fans, which help to make the event what it is.

Diversity is important and not just in football tournaments. It is what helps us to see and experience more. It is what helps us to try something new or see something from a different perspective.

This is something that you can see in Batley and in particular through the retailers in the town centre.

We have diversity in the range of goods and products that you can purchase.

You can buy everything from a screwdriver to a sari, from flowers to a football, and pretty much anything else in between.

And the same is true when it comes to food and drink.

Whether you are looking for a full English breakfast to start the day, a panini for lunch or a curry for your tea you will find a wealth of choice to keep the hunger pangs at bay.

And to wash it down how about a German pilsener, a nice bottle of Italian red, or a refreshing glass of Scottish mineral water? The list goes on. We are very fortunate to have diversity throughout the Batley community and as a town we can only benefit from this. It is something we should celebrate and build upon to support and grow the town.

And as with the World Cup perhaps, it is worth taking a little bit of time and looking a little closer.

You are sure to find more than you expected and you will come across a pleasant surprise or two