Jobs created as two shops boost service

Aldi Batley in Yorkshire has a store-refit.Pictured Manager Donna Carter with her team
Aldi Batley in Yorkshire has a store-refit.Pictured Manager Donna Carter with her team

Two supermarkets in North Kirklees have expanded creating 21 jobs for the area.

The Asda Superstore in Mill Street West, Dewsbury, started its new ‘Click and Collect’ service on Tuesday.

This allows customers to order their groceries online, which are then bundled and bagged up by members of staff ready for shoppers to pick it up as soon as they arrive at the store.

Four part-time jobs have been created for the service, but Click and Collect worker Naomi Fisher thinks as word gets around, demand will pick up, leading to more full-time jobs.

“It’s an exciting time,” she said. “ It shows that the company is expanding and it’s a great service for customers because it’s just so easy.”

She added that for mothers, like herself, the service was especially handy because of its speed. Naomi used it and it took just five minutes, she said.

Meanwhile, Aldi in Batley’s Branch Road made an investment this August which allowed the shop to expand from 748sqm to 970sqm. It re-opened at the end of September.

Seventeen vacancies were created, seven of which were filled straight away.

Six store assistants and two stock assistant were also employed since the extension.

The company now require two more stock assistants in the coming weeks. Visit

When the store opened, manager Donna Carter said: “We’re looking forward to welcoming customers back into our new look store in Batley, and we’re hoping to attract new members of staff from the local community who are looking to pursue a long-term career in retail.”

The creation of jobs at both stores complements recent boosts in employment – according to DWP statistics, there are 48,000 more people working in Yorkshire and the Humber than last year.