Mirfield company is full of pride for award

Darren Brook of Mirfield Construction. (d532d431)
Darren Brook of Mirfield Construction. (d532d431)

A construction business has won a regional award for high standards in house building for the second year in a row.

Darren Brook’s firm Mirfield Construction, which employs three people full time, has won a National House Building Council (NHBC) Pride in the Job award for the north-east area.

Mr Brook, 45, who set up the business in 1989 and has run it ever since, said inspectors had been impressed by his detached build in Boathouse Lane. The house, which has already been snapped up, has a basement and a contemporary look which uses lots of glass and features a stainless steel and glass spiral staircase.

Mr Brook said: “You can build something quite simple but still do it quite well and have pride in it, but to do something of this nature and make sure everything goes right is something else.”

Entrants cannot apply for the awards, instead they are entered if they are deemed good enough by NHBC inspectors. Last year Mr Brook won the same award for a project in Birkenshaw.

Mr Brook is hoping to make it to the national finals.