Presentation is everything

Nick Hill is Mr Presenter.
Nick Hill is Mr Presenter.
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Businessman Nick Hill is making his living by studying and changing how people talk to each other.

Under his brand, Mr Presenter, Mr Hill works with several businesses, from companies with multi-million pound turnovers including mobile phone network O2 and Coca-Cola in the Far East to micro business owners based locally.

Taking a psychological approach, he helps their sales people take on a more positive outlook in their work, helping them to achieve better results through a practice called Neuro-linguistics Programming.

He explained: “When someone has something going on in their life and they think about it, that causes a counterproductive sensation. The way we think is based on images, sounds and feelings, and these are codes which cause that sensation. In a very broad brush stroke sense, if we make that image smaller and make it black and white, we can desensitise that emotion.

“It’s about creating permanent behavioural changes.”

Mr Hill, who lives in Batley, also works with sales people to make sure they know they are speaking the same language as their potential customer.

“If you’re presenting something, you need to give the customer all the information they need in a way that they want to receive it,” he said.

“They want someone who talks their language.”

Mr Hill, 37, said some businesses could improve themselves by changing how they operate to match the economic climate.