Cafe to stir memories of days gone by

The Friends of Batley Library Group is starting a new attraction for people to remember days gone by.

Friday, 26th August 2016, 9:00 am

The group plan to launch a new-style cafe – to be christened The Memory Lane Cafe.

The cafe will meet once a month in the library building and use its facilities to stimulate memories of the past.

This would be helped by various means such as bringing together selected photographs of local places, people and events, highlighting books, bringing in different speakers and using various musical groups to stimulate people’s memories.

Janet Virr, deputy chairman of the Friends Group, said: “It is well known that most people’s memories don’t work quite as well as they get older.

“But it had been found that by triggering memories of the past and encouraging people to talk about their own experiences, both their memories and their alertness could improve.

“And by coming together in social groups such as the Memory Lane Cafe, even greater numbers could be helped.”

The new venture will be launched on Tuesday, September 13.

The group will stage future meetings in the library’s reference section on the second Tuesday of each month.