Centre’s future to be decided?

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The future of Mirfield Community Centre will hang in the balance as Kirklees Council’s cabinet meets on Tuesday to discuss its possible sale.

A report that went to cabinet members recommends approving the sale or transfer of the building, claiming it would save the authority £29,000 a year.

But Mirfield councillor Martyn Bolt (Con) said Kirklees had a duty to maintain the building, and in not adequately doing so, made the prospect of an asset transfer impossible.

He said: “If you were a group wanting to take on this building, you would have to have very deep pockets to bring it up to scratch. I’m not sure any group would be able to do that.”

“By getting rid of the community centre, you would be ripping the guts out of the community.”

He said he believed a decision on the sale of the building will be deferred, adding: “If this is the case, people can get involved in trying to save it by emailing the chief executive of the council to show how important it is.”

A Save Mirfield Community Centre group has been set up on Facebook, which plans to meet at the community centre on Monday at 6pm to discuss how it can be saved.

Visit www.facebook.com/MirfieldCommunityCentre for more information.