Charity trust gets cash help

A CHARITY is looking forward to a happy new year after a tough 12 months.

Northorpe Hall Child and Family Trust has secured more than £100,000 of funding for 2012.

The Mirfield trust supports young people and families with mental health issues and has been given two grants by Kirklees Council.

The money will be used to provide around 100 counselling sessions for children and young people from across Kirklees for six months from April. It will also allow the trust to offer support to young carers for a whole year.

Director Tom Taylor said: “It has been a really tough year. I can’t say I’ll be disappointed to see the back of 2011, but we are feeling pretty good about winning contracts next year.

“We have got a great staff team and it was great for them to get a bit of job security before Christmas.”

However, Mr Taylor said Kirklees was putting the contract for its counselling service out to tender in January. So while Northorpe Hall has got the contract from at least April to October, the months that will follow are uncertain.

Mr Taylor added: “We will see what 2012 brings. I have to be an optimist in this sort of work.”