Cheers for volunteers

I WOULD like to thank Mirfield young people and the great team of volunteers from Mirfield Matrix, led by Kyle Mitchell, who worked so hard to get this skatepark off the ground.

We have good local council support but it is the volunteers who we must thank for reaching out to so many marginalised youngsters and working with them to become full and rounded confident citizens.

Mirfield is lucky the gang culture has not developed in our area. Yes the local services, police, youth workers, schools etc are great but the volunteers make things happen.

They have the trust of the youngsters whether it’s in sports clubs, cadets, guiding or just meeting up with them of an evening.

Young people need the support of adults who believe in them and let them explore issues that interest them.

These may be about drugs, sex, religion, relationships as well as their future careers and citizenship.

I am proud to know hundreds of Mirfield residents who have given up hours of their time over the years to young people and brought such value to our community. Keep coming and both you as volunteers and our young people will be well rewarded.


Matrix Steering Group (Mirfield Churches Together), Battyeford Sporting Club Trustee, Mirfield Rotarian.

Old Water Hall