Cleckheaton’s roads continue to feel the strain

Bradford Road Cleckheaton
Bradford Road Cleckheaton

The traffic problems in Cleckheaton town centre refuse to go away, as businesses worry that shoppers may be deserting the town’s high street.

Many readers have complained to the Spenborough Guardian that they no longer shop in the town, as Westgate and Bradford Road are clogged up with traffic.

Some have put the recent upsurge in traffic down to the closure of Pyenot Hall Lane, which has long been used as a rat-run for motorists to get into town.

The issue was raised at a recent Spen Valley Civic Society meeting. Member Colin Berry said: “The fact that all this traffic is backing up on the main roads just shows how big a problem it must have been for the people living on Pyenot, and the volume of traffic that must have been using it.”

He also warned about the impact the planned 300 new homes in Lower Blacup would have if given the go-ahead.

“Wherever new housing goes up in the Spen Valley it will increase traffic problems because of the fact that we live in a narrow valley with one road running through it, and it doesn’t have the opportunity for any other roads to be built to take the strain,” he added.

Fellow member Richard Grylls said: “If you live in Hightown, it is quicker to go into Brighouse than it is to go into Cleckheaton.”

Viv Laycock, chairman of Spenborough Chamber of Trade, told the Guardian: “Obviously if this is a problem, we’ll have to have a look at it. We want to get people into the Cleckheaton and we would be concerned if this was driving people away.”

The bollards, which were put up late last year, are part of an 18-month trial by council’s highways department.