Column: MyMirfield’s Richard Hartley

Richard Hartley.
Richard Hartley.

Blue, red, orange, purple, green… So the elections are over and whilst some people will be happy with the national result, others will be less so – but at a local level, it is the result of the Mirfield Town Council elections that will affect the future of our high street, local businesses and community organisations.

MyMirfield has always campaigned to see the best individuals working on the town council – those that have a track record of delivering improvements, either as a previous councillor or as a member of many of the local community organisations – and to see those individuals work together and put Mirfield first above their party colours.

MyMirfield feels it is time to bring the town council into the 21st century and deliver regularly with impact. We want to see all the bureaucracy and out-of-date procedures slashed, the paperwork reduced to a minimum, the aspects out of their control pushed down the list of priorities, the amount of communication to their public increase, and more time invested working together to defend local interests and to deliver more positive action for Mirfield and its residents.

The principal functions of a town council and its councillors are to promote and defend the concerns of the community it represents, to ensure that local residents and stakeholders are informed and consulted with about the council and decisions that affect them and to work collaboratively with other elected members on the same council. Let me re-iterate that last one – to work collaboratively with other elected members on the same council.

So we wish them all good luck and wish to remind the public that these individuals are not paid, don’t get ‘expenses’ and volunteer their own time for the town – so support them where you can. If you are sitting there thinking you can do better, you have just missed your chance – but you can put your name on the ballot form in another four years time.

We are also heading into summer with many community events being organised by volunteers to raise funds for local good causes – and many local businesses holding events to help raise awareness and revenue for their shops, pubs and businesses. We urge not just the councillors, but the wider community to get behind your local events and bring Mirfield together.