Community help raise £12k to modify home for young Corey

A community has seen the fruits of their labours as home modifications for a disabled child have been completed after two years of fund raising and construction.

Thursday, 15th September 2016, 1:12 pm
Updated Thursday, 15th September 2016, 4:00 pm
Scott, Fiona and Corey Atkinson with Grandad Douglas Walker, Paul Mayman and Kevin Kindelan outside the house.

Close to £12,000 was raised across two years to help pay for the Atkinson family of Soothill, Batley, to update their home to comfortably accommodate 12 year old daughter Corey.

Born with a virus that resulted in her developing scoliosis and epilepsy Corey’s parents needed to modify their home to care for her as she became older.

Mum Fiona Atkinson said: “We were having to think about looking at moving, but this is our home and we love it.

“So we turned to people and asked them for support on Facebook and they helped.

“I just want to give a massive thank you to everyone, to put it out there how much they helped.

“They have all made our lives just so much better.”

Ms Atkinson added how tasks such as lifting Corey in and out of the bath were becoming increasingly difficult.

But now due to the generosity of family and businesses the Atkinsons’ have completed the extension, giving Corey a new room along with a lift.

Alongside this the house now has a ramp, complete with decking and a wet room facility.

Younger brother Tristan, aged eight, has also developed autism, but will now have a new room with the extra space available.

Dad, Scott, and Fiona had raised a large amount money two years ago through sponsorship of a Total Warrior Challenge, raising close to £3,000.

Yet the community continued to help the family complete the construction.

A W Lumps and Forterra Building Products provided building materials for modifications to the house,

Fox’s biscuits and Two Sisters donated money to the family, with Two Sisters donating £5,000.

And fund raising was done by the Scissor Sisters group and Roy Ellam’s Gym.

Ms Atkinson said:“We did not think that so many people would help out besides family and friends, my dad and uncle work at companies like Fox’s and the word just spread.

“It has all been such a massive surprise.”