Court told of metal bar attack

A YOUNG woman told a court of her terror when she saw her boyfriend attacked in his car by a man with a metal bar.

Tara Jackson cried and shook as she recalled the evening of January 17 when her boyfriend Aslat Ahmed was attacked outside the Co-op in Old Bank Road, Mirfield.

Giving evidence at Leeds Crown Court at the trial of Dale Coulson, 19, of Oliver Gardens, Mirfield, who pleaded not guilty to two counts of attempted robbery, Miss Jackson said she and Aslat had gone for a drive after he picked her up from work.

She said she had asked him to stop at the Co-op so she could buy cigarettes but as she was getting her bag from the floor she heard a pinging noise, like metal, and then saw Aslat had blood all over his head.

She said: "When I looked over my shoulder there was someone in the back (of the car) with a bar in his hand. He was shouting 'get out of the car' and he kept hitting and hitting him over and over again and we didn't have chance to get out of the car or say anything."

Miss Jackson, 22, of Hightown, said the man had a foot-long, metal bar in his hand and described him as a 'chav.'

She said: "Aslat put the car into first gear and I just looked forward from then, looking at where we were going. We swerved around a car and then another car and then we crashed. All the time he was still hitting him. When we crashed Aslat got out. I think he ran across the road."

Miss Jackson said the man also got out of the car but then came back and she was on her own with him.

She said: "The door was already open and he came to the driver's side and he was rummaging around on the floor and in the driver's door. Then he asked me for my phone and my hand bag. I didn't even think, the air bag had blown.

"All I could do was scream at him. I covered my head and face and begged him not to hurt me. I was scared for my life."

Miss Jackson said after the attack she couldn't stay in her home alone. She said: "I had to get friends round to stay with me. I couldn't sleep, couldn't stop thinking about it."

Simon Perkins, defending, put to Miss Jackson that the couple had arranged a meeting outside the Co-op to sell drugs.

Miss Jackson said: "I think if he was I wouldn't associate with someone like that."

She said she didn't know that Aslat had 400 in his car door. She admitted to being cautioned for possession of cannabis in 2003 and ecstasy with intent to supply in 2004 but said since then she had turned her life around.

Witness Benjamin Hudson and his housemate Rachel Firth saw Aslat's car hit a telegraph pole and saw Miss Jackson in the front passenger seat but saw three people get out and run off – the driver and two passengers in the back.

Two other eye-witnesses to the crash, whose statements were read out by prosecutor Kenneth Green, also saw Miss Jackson in the car and three people get out and run off.

The trial continues.