Crime deputy not needed say Greens

Councillors in Kirklees have reacted angrily to plans for the Police and Crime Comissioner for West Yorkshire, Mark Burns-Williamson, to employ a deputy.

Plans to employ a deputy police and crime comissioner on a salary in excess of £52,000 have been branded “scandalous” and a “waste of money”.

Kirklees Lib Dems have submitted an emergency motion to oppose the appointment. Group leader Kath Pinnock said: “The Commissioner’s plan to appoint someone at this enormous salary in his first year in the middle of widespread public sector cuts is absolutely scandalous.

“More than this, to say only members of the Labour Party can apply stinks to high heaven. As a group we thought the idea Police Commissioners were ill considered and we are certainly not in favour of Deputy Commissioner. We hope the Council will back our calls to collectively oppose this appointment.”

The Green Party in Kirklees backed calls for a re-think and have set up an online petition.

Coun Andrew Cooper said: “It should be dropped immediately and I urge people to sign this petition to show the strength of local feeling on this waste of public money.”

The Commissioner said the move was approved by the government and insisted the total cost of his role and that of a deputy would be less than the costs of former West Yorkshire Police Authority officials.