Mum’s campaign for justice given a glimmer of hope

Daniel Atkinson who was killed in a crash in January 2006.
Daniel Atkinson who was killed in a crash in January 2006.

A grieving mum whose son was killed in a horror crash has been given a glimmer of hope in a letter from the county’s crime commissioner.

Linda Hawker has campaigned for justice since her son Daniel Atkinson, who lived in Dewsbury for several years, and his friend, Jade Rice, both died in 2006.

They were passengers in a car driven by care worker Mohammed Tanwir, which crashed into a lamppost in Bradley Road, Huddersfield.

The case never went to trial because the speed of the vehicle could not be determined.

Mr Tanwir was acquitted of failing to stop at Huddersfield Magistrates’ Court.

However, an inquest in 2008 established that Mr Tanwir had been driving at 80mph or more in a 40mph area when he lost control of the car.

An appeal based on the speed of the vehicle was rejected in 2010.

Ms Hawker, of Wakefield, has now received a letter from West Yorkshire Police and Crime Commissioner Mark Burns-Williamson, who said the case was fast-tracked and could have gone to trial if it had been adjourned to carry out crucial lab tests.

However, the claims were denied by Martin Goldman, Chief Crown Prosecutor for Yorkshire and Humberside.

“West Yorkshire Police did not ask us to adjourn the case. Neither did we ‘fast track’ the case,” he said.

“It was listed for trial in the normal way.

“Unfortunately, the situation remains the same. There are no further legal avenues open to us which would allow us to resurrect the case.”

Ms Hawker said she had been advised to present Mr Burns-Williamson’s letter to the Attorney General.

“The family have been through hell for the last nine years and all we want is justice for Daniel and Jade,” she said.