Night of arsons

The damaged caused to an outhouse by a fire in Lea View, Brownhill
The damaged caused to an outhouse by a fire in Lea View, Brownhill

HOMEOWNERS are warned to be on their guard after a night of arson attacks.

Three fires are thought to have been set between Sunday night and Monday morning, putting homes in Brownhill in danger.

Geoff Aykroyd’s shed in Roman Road, which contained three gas canisters, was set on fire, at around 4.30am.

He said he was woken by a neighbour banging on his door.

“The flames were as high as my house,” he said.

“If they had caught to my house the whole row of terrace houses could have gone up. There was a possibility of loss of life, it’s rather scary.”

The fire cracked the windows of Mr Aykroyd’s house, and caused heat damage to his car, which was parked next to the shed. Another car was also damaged.

“It’s disheartening to say the least,” he added.

Around an hour after Mr Aykroyd’s shed was set on fire, two outbuildings were set alight at a house in nearby Lea View.

Damage was caused to the contents of the buildings, including paint cans and a plastic compost bin.

Firefighters were also called to a tree fire in Intake Lane earlier that night.

Crew Commander Neil Shaw said the fires were ‘presumed to be maliciously started’. No-one was injured in the fires, which police are connecting.