Video: Girl takes on Halifax shop thief

District Commander's Commendation for Jade Drinnan.
District Commander's Commendation for Jade Drinnan.

When most people walk by a shop and hear a heated confrontation they carry on walking. But not Jade Drinnan who grappled with a would-be-thief who was threatening a Halifax shop keeper.

Jade, 20, required hospital treatment after standing up to the man at Union Street News on January 13.

And for her efforts Jade, who lives in Brighouse, received a commendation at the 2015 Calderdale Police Awards.

Jade, who works at Harveys of Halifax, suffered a torn ear, damage to her finger which required an X-Ray after being thrown into doors and counters by the thief, but said she would do it again.

She said: “Some people don’t do anything. I was just trying to help and not let somebody like that get away with it.

“There was no thought behind it. It was just a natural reaction. I have always been someone to help where I can despite my own feelings or views.

“The day after at work I was very shocked and nervous about it. I wasn’t scared. I’m not going to let someone like that intimidate me. But every time I looked out of the window at work I kept thinking that I’d seen him walk past.

“Obviously my family and friends weren’t happy because he could have had a knife or a gun.

“But I would do it again. People I talk to say I shouldn’t, but I would.

Although the man did escape, police used CCTV footage and Jade’s description and he was arrested at Rastrick Common.

Presenting the award, Superintendent Owen West said: “I think you will agree a really heroic effort by someone who simply did not need to get involved and was subsequently injured herself.”