Crowlees School tops league table

THE annual primary school league table has been released this week.

Figures from the Department of Education show how many children in key stage two – aged seven to 11 – passed level four English and maths in this year’s SATS exams.

The exams are generally taken by pupils in year six.

The figures, which were released yesterday morning, also show each eligible school’s Contextual Value Added (CVA) score, which measures how well a school has done compared with how it was expected to do.

A score of more than 100 means a school has done better than expected, and a score of less than 100 means it has done worse than expected.

In Kirklees 81 per cent of pupils taking the exams passed English at level four, which is the standard expected for the age group.

The level four maths exams were passed by 78 per cent of pupils.

Topping the table in North Kirklees is Crowlees Junior and Infant School in Mirfield, where 100 per cent of pupils passed the English and maths exams, and has achieved the highest CVA score.

Also performing well are Littletown Junior, Infant and Nursery School, Hopton Primary School in Mirfield and Hartshead Junior and Infant School, where all pupils passed the level four exams.

Even schools at the lower end of the North Kirklees table are performing well, with CVA scores of more than 90.

At Fairfield School in White Lee and Ravenshall in Dewsbury, which are schools for children with special needs, pupils do not sit the year six exams.

For the full table see this week’s Reporter