Cruel yobs rip beak off Canadian goose in Batley

Canadian goose attacked by yobs in Batley
Canadian goose attacked by yobs in Batley

Cruel yobs ripped the beak off a Canadian goose in a “cruel and vicious attack”.

A father visited Wilton Park, in Batley, with his children on Monday, where he found the goose in distress.

They went over to feed the animal but found the bottom part of its beak had been ripped off.

The father was told by a man in the park a group of teenagers had attacked the goose, and killed another goose the week before.

He immediately phoned the RSPCA, but said they have yet to catch the animal.

A video of the goose was posted on Facebook, where people expressed their concerns for the animal.

News of the vicious attack has gone global as Carmen Hall, who lives in Florida but used to live in Batley, said: “This is absolutely horrific. How could anyone do this?

“I have spoken to the RSPCA myself but they said it was not classed as an emergency, but these cruel actions must be stopped.”