Cyber crime is a priority for police chief

NEW PRIORITIES Mr Burns-Williamson has refreshed his crime plan.
NEW PRIORITIES Mr Burns-Williamson has refreshed his crime plan.

Improving road safety and understanding the growing problem of cyber crime are top priorities for West Yorkshire’s Police and Crime Commissioner over the next 12 months.

Commitments around crime prevention and reducing reoffending and the impact of welfare reform on crime are also in Mark Burns-Williamson’s refreshed crime plan for 2013-2018.

Many priorities remain the same – such as reducing burglary, safeguarding people against serious and violent crime, supporting victims and witnesses and better tackling anti-social behaviour.

Mr Burns-Williamson said: “Priorities such as reducing burglary and safeguarding our young people against child sexual exploitation remain in the plan, but I also recognise we need to tackle emerging threats such as cyber crime and highlight the importance of road safety for communities.

“With partners I will undertake a review to look at the scale and impact of cyber crime and look at how we address the growing problem locally.

He added: “Time and time again people tell me that road safety is a big problem where they live.”