Dewsbury dressmaker turns 90 on the same day as the Queen

Doreen Madden is celebrating her 90th birthday, which she shares with the Queen
Doreen Madden is celebrating her 90th birthday, which she shares with the Queen

A Mirfield nonagenarian who has the same birthday as the Queen has revealed the amazing milestones she shares with the monarch.

Doreen Madden, who like Elizabeth turned 90 yesterday, was born on the same day in 1926, got married in the same year and even had her twin boys in the year of Prince Charles’s birth.

Retired dressmaker and bingo caller Doreen has been a lifelong fan of the Queen and was invited to a special dinner at Buckingham Palace back in 2006, when the pair celebrated their 80th.

“The food was marvellous! There was a champagne reception and a walkabout, and there were 99 guests who all shared a birthday with her - she was the 100th. She said she knew the area where I was living in Dumfries and Galloway.”

Doreen put her name forward for the unique gathering while living in a remote area of Scotland where she and her late husband had retired to run a shop on a caravan site. She and her daughter Denise made the trip to the capital to meet her idol.

Born in Dewsbury to a father who served in the army during World War Two, Doreen was an only child whose parents later ran a fish shop. She married in 1947 - the same year the Queen and Prince Philip wed - and had her twin sons in 1948, going on to have four more children.

She remembers gathering with the family around her Uncle Robert’s 12-inch television set to watch the Queen’s coronation in 1953.

“My Auntie Pam made a pan of mushy peas for us all and the pressure cooker exploded, all the peas ended up stuck to the ceiling! So it is never forgotten because of that.”

Ironically, Doreen missed the monarch’s only visit to Dewsbury in 1954 as she was in hospital having her son Robin - but the twins and Denise joined the crowds waiting to greet her at the railway station and were pictured in the Dewsbury Reporter at the time.

“I’ve always liked the Queen - my father used to say the poor lass has so much weight on her shoulders! I admire her as she’s very hard-working and marvellous for this country. We should never lose the royal family.”

Doreen celebrated by inviting family and friends to her Mirfield home last Thursday for champagne and chocolates.

“I don’t want a lot of fuss - my family have forced it on me!” she added.