Dewsbury pupils learn about VC pair

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A group of Maddrassah pupils from a Dewsbury Moor Mosque have been getting ready to celebrate this year’s festival of EID-Ul-Adha by taking part in a special history project.

In the run-up to this year’s festivities, children from Faizan-E-Madina Jamia Mosque have been learning about the theme of sacrifice.

As part of their project work titled ‘Different Sacrifices’ pupils studying at the Pilgrim Estate Mosque and Maddrassah school learned about the sacrifices made by Muslim soldiers from the British-Indian Army during the First World War.

Along with the rest of their class, Mosque pupils Daniyal Ali and Hassan Hussain learned about two Muslim heroes – Private (Sepoy) Khud’adhad Khan (VC) and Private (Neik) Shah Ahmad Khan (VC) – both of whom made the ultimate sacrifice for Britain whilst serving on the front-line.

Sepoy Khud’adhad Khan was the first ever Indian soldier to be awarded the Victoria Cross for utmost bravery after he single-handedly held off a much bigger German attack on his machine-gun post during the First Battle Of Ypres in 1914.

Neik Shah Ahmed Khan was another brave Muslim soldier from India whose regiment was stationed in Mesopotamia and in 1916 he also held off an attack.

Both men were invited to Buckingham Palace where King George V gave them their VC medals.

Zamir Ahmed, chairman of the Faizan-E-Madina Jamia Mosque, said: “This project has helped our pupils to learn that they have a shared history as children who have been born in this country. They need to understand the different meanings of sacrifice especially during this time of the year when families are getting ready to celebrate.”