Dewsbury rugby player breaks neck during match

Shaw Cross Sharks player Jordan Anderson broke his neck in Saturday's match against Elland. Picture by Simon Hulme
Shaw Cross Sharks player Jordan Anderson broke his neck in Saturday's match against Elland. Picture by Simon Hulme

A talented rugby player is recovering after breaking his neck during a match - but still continued to play the full 80 minutes.

Shaw Cross Sharks’ scrum half Jordan Anderson from Bramley, sustained the injury just before half time of Saturday’s away game at Elland.

The 20-year-old was treated all through half time and continued to play on in the second half, resulting in him playing the full 80 minutes.

The Sharks number seven said: “I was going to kick the ball and saw the guy running towards me. I turned by back and he hit the back of my head and landed on me.

“I was checked over by the physio, who did all the usual concussion tests and I was given the all clear. I had no pain and felt OK.”

The Sharks went on to win 60-6.

“After the game I felt a bit sore and had a stiff neck, but just put it down to the game and just carried on as normal.”

The following day, Sharks physio Rob Stephenson called Jordan to check in on him.

“I told him I still had a sore neck and a bit of a headache and he told me to go to the hospital and get it checked out.”

Jordan, who has been playing rugby since the age of 11, was taken to Leeds General Infirmary by his dad, David, where he was x-rayed and sent for a CT scan.

It was there doctors discovered Jordan had broken a bones at the back of his neck and another at the front.

David said: “He just kept asking everyone at the hospital when he would be able to play again. One of the doctors said that right now, even a sneeze could leave him paralysed.”

Jordan is now recovering at home and has to wear a neck brace 24 hours a day while he waits to hear from a neurosurgeon the full extent of the damage caused.

Jordan said: “They confirmed that they aren’t bad breaks in my neck because they aren’t around my spinal cord. They just have to keep an eye on me because at the front of my neck there’s a bone that’s chipped but not moved. If it moves they will have to put a pin through it.”

Sharks physio Rob Stephenson said: “I wasn’t worried that he’d broken his neck. He was not unconscious, he was perfectly coherent and his eyes looked OK. He said his neck was just sore.

“He wasn’t motionless when he went down, it was like he was waiting to see if the ref was giving the penalty or not. By the time I ran on his was stirring to get up.”

Jordan started his playing career aged 16, gaining a scholarship for Castleford Tigers academy squad, where he was named their Most Improved Player.

But an operation last year on a snapped knee took him off the pitch before securing a spot at Shaw Cross at the beginning of this year’s season.

Jordan said: “I’ve only ever had two injuries - first my knee and now this. I’m feeling OK though - I just want to get back playing again.”