Drive carefully, we’ll be watching!

Kirklees Council's CCTV enforcement vehicle
Kirklees Council's CCTV enforcement vehicle

A VAN kitted out with CCTV is the latest weapon in Kirklees Council’s fight against illegal parking.

The new van hits the road today (Monday) and will take snaps of drivers parked illegally or dangerously in towns across the district.

The council said the aim was to improve road safety around schools and speed up public transport in town centres.

It promises law-abiding drivers have nothing to fear but critics say the ‘faceless’ enforcement van will put drivers off visiting town centres.

Dewsbury Chamber of Trade president Trish Makepeace said: “At schools I understand it because they do double park but in the town centre I think it’s just another way of getting money out of drivers.

“At least with a warden you can talk to them. This is faceless. Until people get a fine dropping on their mat they won’t know they’ve done anything wrong.”

The council expects to recoup the scheme set-up costs of £100,000 within 12 months.

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