Driver fined for Taylor Hall Lane shortcut

WARNING: You could be fined if you drive down Little Taylor Hall Lane. (d280312100)
WARNING: You could be fined if you drive down Little Taylor Hall Lane. (d280312100)

A DRIVER wants to warn other motorists that they could be landed with a fine if they try taking a shortcut through Mirfield.

Will Holt was with his wife, Lorraine, when he drove along Little Taylor Hall Lane, off Leeds Road.

As he went around the bend, he saw a police officer talking to a local resident.

The officer stopped Mr Holt and told him that he was driving down a road that was for residents only.

But instead of accepting Mr Holt’s apologies and his assurance that he would not use the road again, he issued him with a £30 fine.

Mr Holt said: “I couldn’t believe it. I thought he was joking. It just didn’t seem right at all.”

A Kirklees Council spokeswoman confirmed that Little Taylor Hall Lane is a public highway, but said since 1995 vehicles had only been able to use it to access to properties.

Mr Holt, 30, said: “There are ‘access only’ signs but there are no signs up to say that you can be fined. It’s not clear enough.

“I could understand it had the officer explained it to me but it just did not feel right to me.”

When Mr Holt started to question the fine, the officer told him that the road was maintained by Kirklees Council and that the residents paid a small fee for that service.

Mr Holt then tried to take a picture of the police officer’s car, which was blocking the road, but the officer told him it was illegal.

Mr Holt, who had been out with his wife for her 30th birthday, said: “He told me if I continued I’d be arrested and have my car taken off me, so at this point I got in the car and took the fine.

“He also told my wife to get back in the car and was rude to the point that she made a complaint to the police later in the afternoon.”

A police spokesman said: “The officer concerned is not on duty until next week so we will be speaking to him about this matter in due course.

“It would therefore be inappropriate to comment further at this time.”