Ducks killed and swan missing from Wilton Park

Vandals have left two ducks dead in an attack at Wilton Park in Batley.

Monday, 20th June 2016, 3:34 pm
Updated Monday, 20th June 2016, 4:38 pm

Kirklees Council said that over the weekend, they waded across a lake to reach the island where the ducks were looking after the young.

Then they lifted the duck houses, throwing all the ducks into the lake and leaving two ducks dead.

A swan which also lived on the lake has not been since the attack.

The vandals also damaged a new fence around a children’s playground and left graffiti in other areas.

It follows a similar attack in Crow Nest park in Dewsbury around a month ago when duck houses provided by the friends of the park were vandalised and litter strewn across the area.

A spokesman for Kirklees Council said staff and visitors had been left upset by the vandals.

He said: “Many people visit the parks just to feed and see the ducks. The friends groups have raised money to build the houses, and hopefully we can repair them and put them back.

“This kind of mindless attack is heart breaking for all the team, volunteers and visitors involved in the park, but two ducks have died and the swan is still missing, its so sad.”