College is moving the right way after latest inspection report

INSPECTORS have praised Kirklees College for making a ‘remarkable transformation’ in 18 months.

Ofsted officers rated the college, which has sites in Dewsbury and Huddersfield, as ‘good’. At a previous inspection, in May 2011, the college was rated as inadequate. Now the college has some ‘outstanding’ features including college leadership and management.

Ofsted inspectors spent a week at Kirklees College in November to carry out a re-inspection and the official report has recently been published.

The report’s main findings highlight the high levels of student success, the excellent support available to students and the benefits of teachers with relevant vocational expertise.

Peter McCann, who joined the college as principal in May 2011, said “We’re delighted that Ofsted have given us the endorsement the staff deserve. The college has some really great people with a passionate commitment to our community and our students.

“We believe that every student who stays the journey with us deserves success. We also know that the sooner you respond to a student who needs help, the more likely they are to stay and succeed and this Ofsted report is a ringing endorsement of the high level of support available to students at Kirklees College.”