Update: Structural damage forces school closure

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Breaking news...

A SECONDARY school has been forced to close today after high winds ripped off part of the roof.

A section of asphalt roofing above Earlsheaton Technology College’s main hall was thrown into the car park by the force of the wind last night.

Staff at the Dewsbury school discovered the damage when they arrived this morning.

Associate headteacher David Archer said: “It’s quite a large section that’s been blown off and it had travelled some distance.

“We had no idea how much more of the roof could come down. We were concerned about anything coming down while pupils were here.”

The school in Old Bank Road has been closed to pupils for the day and all community activities have been cancelled.

Pupils in years 10 and 11 are being encouraged to work at home instead.

Mr Archer said a team from the school’s site management company had secured the rest of the hall roof.

“There’s no damage internally,” he said.

The school will re-open as usual tomorrow but parents, pupils and visitors are asked not to use the main entrance to school because part of the car park is out of use.

Mr Archer said parents should drop off and pick up pupils outside school grounds.