Elderly man robbed

AN elderly man was robbed of cash and jewellery by two bogus callers.

The men called at his home in Priory Way just before 10am on February 15, offering to tarmac his drive. The man refused, but one man got into the house through the front door and stole his wallet, containing £250, along with items of jewellery.

The two then walked away and the man realised he had been robbed.

One suspect was white, 6ft, in his 40s with dark brown hair to his ears. He was clean-shaven, wore a fluorescent jacket and blue jeans and carried a clipboard and pen.

The second man, who went into the house, was 5ft 6in tall with dark brown hair and wore dark clothes.

Contact Det Con Kath Lowden on 01924 431095.

Insp Jenny Thompson said: “There have been a few bogus calling incidents in Mirfield since the start of the year.

“We urge people, especially the elderly and vulnerable, to watch out and be careful when people come to the door. There are people who will do all they can to get into houses to steal. They choose their victims.”

In response to the recent spate of cons, PCSOs hosted an awareness session at Bankfield Court on Monday, along with organisations such as Age UK, KNH and the fire service.

Another session is set for March 11, 11am outside Mirfield library.