Eldest of eleven marks 100 years

Amelia Grange celebrating her 100th  birthday. (d604a507)
Amelia Grange celebrating her 100th birthday. (d604a507)

Celebrating her 100th birthday surrounded by loved ones was the “best day of my life” said the eldest of 11 brothers and sisters.

More than 70 friends and family flocked to Hanging Heaton Golf Club for Amelia Grange’s party, including her two surviving siblings.

Her 81-year-old brother Malcolm Wilcock even flew 17 hours from Vancouver Island in Canada for the special day.

Amelia, who lives in Earlsheaton, said: “It’s wonderful to see them all. It’s the best day of my life. I never expected anything like this.

“I’ve got about 50 cards at home. People have said I don’t look 100 – everybody tells me that.”

Malcolm said: “I had a stroke a few years ago and she always thought she would never see me again. I always told her, ‘Don’t give up hope Amelia – you never know!’”

Guests including those from Scotland, Buckinghamshire and Stockport packed into the club’s function room while Amelia enjoyed browsing old photo albums.

“That’s how we used to be,” she said. “They bring back happy memories.”