Electricity firm urges vigilance

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A LETTER has been sent to people asking them to be on the lookout for vandals and thieves who are damaging electricity supplies.

The letter, from electricity distributor CE Electric, has been posted because the number of thefts of valuable metal components from electricity substations and overhead power lines is increasing.

According to CE Electric, in Mirfield this year there have been six metal thefts, including a substation break-in and theft of overhead lines, causing power cuts in around 100 properties. In Dewsbury, there have been four incidents – two overhead line thefts and two substation break-ins, all in March this year.

The letter was sent by West Yorkshire Police to Neighbourhood Watch schemes across the area.

It says: “Reckless individuals are not only putting their own lives at risk from electrocution by stealing metal components, but are also increasing the risk to you by interfering with our normally secure electrical equipment, leaving the sites in a highly dangerous state, as well as causing thousands of pounds worth of damage and inconvenience.”

The letter asks people to report suspicious activity to the police. Alternatively, they can call CE Electric’s emergency line on 0800 375 675.

The letter also says people should not touch any exposed cables or wires, enter any electricity substations or move any dangling cables as they will still be live and dangerous.